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  • Portrait session / Dora

  • Μου αρέσει πολύ το αποτέλεσμα αυτής της φωτογράφισης! Φωτεινά, γήινα χρώματα και μια Ντόρα σχεδόν άβαφη να σαγηνεύει το φακό με την ομορφιά και τα πλούσια κόκκινα μαλλιά της. I really enjoy the result of this photoshoot! Bright, earth colours and Dora almost without make up, captivating the camera with her beaut [...]
  • 40s glam inspiration / Creative Concept

  • Creative concepts always attract my interest, because through them I can externalize my creativity, I can travel in time, go to imaginary places and to anywhere else I set my mind on. Nothing of all of these would be possible, though, without the help of the right people. So, what happens when a collector of old vehicl [...]
  • The fairy of the forest / Creative Concept

  • An idea can sometimes be born under unfortunate circumstances or situations. On the occasion of the fire in the area of Tris in Ixia this August, I was inspired and wanted to pass my own social message through the art that I love. For her precious help, I would like to thank the gorgeous fairy of the forest, who reci [...]
  • The gypsy life / Creative Concept

  • I am very lucky that I have such beautiful friends, who also share with me every crazy idea that comes to my mind! So, Georgia and I present to you the charming life of a beautiful gypsy! Είμαι πολύ τυχερή που έχω τόσο όμορφες φίλες και που μοιράζονται μαζί μου την κάθε τρελή ιδέα που θα μου έρθει στο μυαλό! Η Γεωργ [...]