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  • Portrait session / Greg

  • Greg is my favourite cousin, he is funny, smart, polite and with a huge heart! So, during his summer holidays here in Rhodes, he asked me to take some photos of him for his work (he is a successful real estate agent), which of course I did with great pleasure. At the end we decided to have a bit of fun with some [...]
  • Portrait of the day / Valasia

  • Valassia is not like one of the other girls, and why? Because she didn’t want me to take a smiling photo of her; she wanted to seem angry instead, as she told me. Η Βαλασία δεν είναι όπως τα υπόλοιπα κορίτσια, γιατί? γιατί δεν ήθελε να τη βγάλω χαμογελαστή, ήθελε θυμωμένη, όπως μου είπε. [...]