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  • Pink and gold cake smash!

  • I can't believe that my little human became one years old! A year completely conflicting, with its difficult but also its beautiful moments. So, we couldn't help it but celebrate with a cake smash. Happy Birthday, my little girl! Δεν το πιστεύω ότι το μικρό μου ανθρωπάκι έγινε ενός! 'Ενας χρόνος απόλυτα αντιφατι [...]
  • 40s glam inspiration / Creative Concept

  • Creative concepts always attract my interest, because through them I can externalize my creativity, I can travel in time, go to imaginary places and to anywhere else I set my mind on. Nothing of all of these would be possible, though, without the help of the right people. So, what happens when a collector of old vehicl [...]
  • The fairy of the forest / Creative Concept

  • An idea can sometimes be born under unfortunate circumstances or situations. On the occasion of the fire in the area of Tris in Ixia this August, I was inspired and wanted to pass my own social message through the art that I love. For her precious help, I would like to thank the gorgeous fairy of the forest, who reci [...]
  • Hi, i’m Sofia

  • HI, I’M SOFIA! I believe that every person has a sparkle of creativity within them. When personality, passion and inspiration are added, that’s when art is born! Art has always been in my life, in various aspects. Through photography not only did I find something that sparks my creativity, but I found where I be [...]